Forces training

TASK   In order to be perfectly prepared for their next missions and deployments, Military and Law Enforcement Special Forces perform periodic training missions. Objective of these exercises is to familiarize the forces with the expected situations and tasks under realistic circumstances. Professionally trained units are crucial to the success of the operation.

SOLUTION   ATC – the training division of NST offers special training programs for Armed Forces not only around all available NST products but also realistic mission training. An exclusive special feature of training is the possibility of using role players during exercises. This guarantees an extremely realistic training environment. The proven T-S-P method ensures success with its combination of 20% theory, 30% simulation and 50% realistic training.

OPTION   The courses offered, among others, are Personal Protection Training, Tactical Driver Training and Riot Control Training. The courses are held in Germany in realistic training environments but can also be offered in the country of the client. The option of using role players during training is available for almost all courses offered by ATC.

HIGHLIGHTS   Experts in the security, training and pyrotechnic field ensure that users obtain products and systems that are state of the art for the protection of human lives. All instructors have extensive experience in military and law enforcement operations all over the world and have previously worked in the German or United States Military Special Forces and/or Police Special Forces units. Flexibility and training courses adaptable to basically any given mission scenario as well as the use of role players guarantee an outstanding training experience.