TASK  The products of the NST Training family are sound simulators. The thunderflash for example simulates an explosion through sound & flash especially for training purposes. The training devices are used to train soldiers under realistic circumstances getting used to a battlefield environment and safely handle pyrotechnic components. The thunderflash has to be safe in use, loud enough to simulate explosions and function under all weather conditions.

SOLUTION   NST Thunderflash is designed for easy use during the operation by using a onetime friction ignition. The components are environmentally friendly and consist of a paper tube, dumping material, report charge assembly and a plastic safety cap with a water proof friction surface. The report charge assembly contains the pyrotechnic charge and delivers a report of 145 dBA.

OPTION   Available igniters are friction and electric. The length of the paper tube and the protection grade of the material can be defined by the client. Packaging, number of units per box, sealing etc. conform to MIL-STANDARD.

HIGHLIGHTS   The NST Thunderflash performs perfectly under all weather conditions. The used materials and packaging ensure its long storage life as well as water proofing.