Colored smoke


TASK   Armed Forces, Special Forces and Rescue Teams are using various kinds of pyrotechnic smoke signals for decades. Smoke signals burn between one and three minutes to e.g. locate troops for rescue forces, define wind direction and speed for helicopter landing, marking positions and boundaries or transmit coded messages, in case of radio transmission breakdown.

SOLUTION   NST offers different colors with various burning times and volumes to meet the requirements for the different situations. The design fulfills high safety and environmental standards, the smoke grenade is water resistant and has a long storage life. The density, speed and duration of the smoke cloud can be adjusted as well the diameter and height of the grenade can be altered from 44 mm to 60 mm to customer specifications.

OPTION   Available colors are red, green, white, yellow, black, grey, orange, purple and blue. The user has the choice of different ignition systems: Fly off lever, pull cord, electrical igniter and a remote control ignition system. NST offers on customer request different canister designs and shelf dimension. The standard burning time features ranges between 15 and 300 seconds.

HIGHLIGHTS    The brilliant colored smoke clouds are based on organic dyes, which are environmentally friendly. All smoke grenades are water resistant and delivered in no seam aluminum cans, corrosion and humidity protected.