Signal Cartridges and Illuminating


TASK  The use of a pyrotechnic signal fired from a handgun fulfils different tasks. One is to communicate coded messages in the field that cannot be monitored or decoded. In case of a radio breakdown, signal cartridges are an additional, intelligent alternative to ensure communication on the battlefield. Special versions can also illuminate areas. Signal cartridges must be able to be fired up to a height of 120 m. To protect objects and camps a trip flare solution is required.

SOLUTION  NST offers all kinds of signal cartridges to ensure communication in different situations and weather conditions. The design assures highest safety and environmental standards. The cartridges are water resistant and have a long storage life. The signal cartridges have optimized candela power and the recoil force is minimal. NST 1“ and 1.5“ cartridges can be fired from any 1“ and 1.5“ signal pistol. The high performance trip flare serves the purpose to safeguard humans and objects.

OPTION   Available colors are red, green, white and yellow with one star capability. Versions without rocket motor reach the standard height of up to 120 m. Versions with parachute and additional rocket motor reach up to 300 m. Special messaging and ABC Alert cartridges are also available. Alarm- and tripflares have several designs and ignition options.

HIGHLIGHTS   All cartridges have stabilized stars guaranteeing the best performance, minimum recoil and visibility under all weather conditions. The NST signal ammunition is in accordance with the newest legal and environmental regulations and highest possible candela output.