NEWCO Safety Technologies

The demand for non lethal products is growing. Specialists from users and devel- opers teams create the best products for the needs of today. NST is a part of this movement.

Tradition & Vision   NST is an established supplier of non lethal – even non harming – special devices. NST is embedded into an international group of companies and is dedicated to innovation, reliability and quality. The vision of NST is to protect the human beings involved and affected by the asymmetric warfare and terrorism with state of the art products.

Skills  Experts in the security, training and pyrotechnic field ensure, that users obtain products and systems which are up to date for the protection of human lives. Experienced staff and production managers at NST production capabilities in Kiel (Germany) as well as the backup in the additional global partners guarantee the highest quality according to ISO and MIL-STANDARDS.

Network of Competence    The motto – Human protection without injuries – leads, under the guidance of NST, to a worldwide operating network of competence. Flexible solutions for the safety of operating units and the efficiency during missions are developed within this network. Input from users, markets, science, universities and institutions ensures a steady increase of competence and in- novation. NST works independent from other corporations, which results in having the choice to use the best available technologies.

Human Protection  Overpower: yes – injuries or even lethality: no. Non lethal/non harming operating devices are essential today. Critical points are: Minimizing the risk of injuries, the effective range, as well as training the users economically and effectively while maintaining realistic effects. To create the necessary solutions NST cooperates with users, scientists and trainers working in the field of human protection and is the best of class enterprise in non lethal products – below injury risks.