Screening smoke Multi Use (MU)


TASK  Covering is a crucial asset to protect the operating forces in combat areas. The smoke has to be deployed fast without the risk of fire hazard and needs to be environmental friendly. Forces and/or objects need to be completely covered and health risks must be completely eliminated. The density and reliability in all weather and humidity conditions are essential for the effective use of smoke. Further the burning time and weight have to be adjustable to the needs of today.

SOLUTION  The NST Multi Use (MU) smoke generates a solid white/grey smoke cloud. The smoke composition reacts under dry cold as well as humid hot weather conditions without any constraint of performance. It can be used case less in different shapes or in aluminum cartridges. The three different ignition systems are standard Fly off lever, electrical or remote. Range of size and weight varies from 50 g to 10 kg.

OPTION   The range of applications starts with small smoke clouds and urban cover, landscape protection and ends with protecting harbor entries or similar important objects. The special design and burning temperature allows using the smoke even in dry areas without the risk of fire. The smoke generator can be placed on moving objects, trucks or boats to cover large areas without using special launcher systems.

HIGHLIGHTS   The MU smoke is the alternative to RP smoke and/or toxic questionable smokes with high risks to all parties involved. MU smoke has an optimized weight/size output ratio.