Diversionary Devices


TASK   New challenges demand new solutions. Irritation is an important tactical asset to a successful operation. Feedback of Military and Law Enforcement Special Forces suggested developing new kinds of stun grenades capable of meeting the new everyday challenges.

SOLUTION    The outstanding features of our diversionary devices include safety for the user during operation, non targeted persons in the affected area and new irritation effects that last up to 10 seconds against the hostile party by using three different venting systems. The modular system restricts the target’s ability to act through the combination of different effects as a single grenade. Latest psychological studies from professional authorities show that the new effects created by NST are the highest quality to date. Our products are manufactured in Germany by qualified experts. This guarantees safe handling, safe effects and minimal damage.

OPTION   NST created three types of venting systems for the sound, flash, whistle and strobe grenades. The common side vent system, safe to use and with brand new and exclusive modular adaptable units for bang, smoke and white smoke. The bottom vent system allows the user a safe handling and gives sound level up to 175dBA. Possible effects of the bottom vent ejection system are whistling sound, strobe light effects and flash. The bottom vent ejection system has the best operational efficiency when applied over a crowd of aggressors.

HIGHLIGHTS   The new patented SW (screaming-whistle) and PF (pulsing-flash) effects with duration of up to 10 seconds, developed by NST, provide the opportunity to disorientate the aggressor more efficiently than ever before. The brand new remote control ignition system and grip design are additional features demonstrating the leading position and competence of NST.